Light-painting the urban environment and..

How WiFi waves interact with our city-looks-like

Apparently “photography” comes from phôs (light) and graphè (drowing). So it mean“drowing with light”.

That’s how I want to begin this article. Maybe it makes no sense now, but you will see. Step by step, I’m going to tell you this story of invisibile and immaterial energies all around us. Energies which relates with us and the daily urban enviroment.

Aliens? Of course no, buddy! I’m not a fan of  “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, not at all. I’m son of a ham radio, not of Fox Dulmer. In fact I’m talking about waves and networks. WiFi waves. They exist around us, but we can’t see, touch and neither hear them. Characters of this tale are three studentes in Architecture and Design in Oslo University, Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen e Einar Sneve Martinussen. These guys wanted to know how WiFi waves looks like and how they influence the urban enviroment. The result is an experiment made by cameras, kind of christmas lights, a laptop and a rooter in which they “drow with lights” – actually they light-painted – the WiFi waves that surround us.

But this technique is not so young as the most belive. Actually its parentes are Étienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demeny which in the far 1889 they light-painted the first shot. After them artists as Gjon Mili and Pablo Picasso followed their way, in the 40’s, with also nice resultes – here the whole light-painter family.

I hope I light-on your day,

bright bye byes from pignasmile.


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