First day of spring, and it’s already spring cleaning

Wake up! it’s nine. Switch on the computer and this is the first thing my eyes watched this morning: The First day of spring Doodle.

Therefore came up as consequence a natural reflection: outside there are just 10 fucking degrees.

In the last days I’ m thinking about my future really often. There are many things I want to change after one year in the cloudy London. I don’t like anymore the city – actually I never loved it –  the smog, the crowd and the busy hour. On the on other hand, London is everything you want, so maybe I never wanted London to be a wonderful city to me. Moreover I’m sick of working in The City. Too many dick’s heads around. And on top of that, I need a warm – maybe hot – summer and London can’t provide it.

Therefore came up as consequence a natural reflection: I need to move out!

But where? There are too many alternatives, and picking the right one is not easy at all.

Many wills, wishes and also whims. I want to start something in my field as a proper job. I would like to find a nice master degree, maybe in a warm and cheep city, where I can also go fishing with a straw hat. I’ d like to improve my english more and more, but at the same time learning a new language.

It is not my Christmas Letter, even if it looks so.

Anyway today it’s The First day of spring and it means that the Spring Cleaning has just began.