Japanes fake eyelash song

I’ ve been always mesmerized by japanese culture. So far and different from mine, but not scary. I felt it as something from which to take something, learn stuffs. But still, even if my japanese flatemate, Megumi, taught me several things, I’m always impressed from certain things, like this one above.

It’s a song\advert for fake eyelash, which are really common in Japan. 4 minutes where “Tsukematsukematsukematsuge” is been repeated several times.

Weird? Maybe yes or maybe not.

In Italy in the 60′ we used to have similar form of advertising – prehistorc kind – named Carosello.

Here is more clear the subject of the spot. But the most of the time is dedicated to the singer performance.

Weird? Maybe yes, maybe not. Interesting for sure. Indeed!