Thanks giving turkey – late chicken version

I never had Thanks Giving in my life. I never saw a Thanks Giving turkey on my kitchen table. Never!

So yesterday, which was sunday, before my 9 pound beer with friends, I decided to mix the tradicional rich south Italy lunch and thanks giving meal. The result was a late chicken version filled up as much I could.

I boned the chicken – far from how Gordon Ramsey does – with my unshaped knife. Once the frame was pulled off – and keep it for stock as Gordon says – I opened the chicken and I made a layer of bacon slices and sage and I covered it with some salt and black pepper.

Than I made the stuffing. I used 3 eggs, 3 slices of bread, 250 gr of mince meat, some rosmary, salt, pepper and basil and milk.

I mixed all the ingredientes and I spread it on the bacon-sage layer. Than I wrapped it up with some dental floss because i had not any string.

Once done this step, I just added some potatos and onions on the side and i cooked it in the oven for one hour, been careful that also the stuffing inside was cooking on.

The result was this nice meal that i shered with my flatemates and my girlfriend. If you are vegetarian or if you don’t like oil and fat as her, don’t have this. If you love meat that’s the best recipe!

Here u go!