Orecchiete and cime di rapa, actually not really!

Living in London is not easy. Everyday there is something new, but everyday there is something you miss aswell. Nostalgia of friends, nostalgia of the sun and a slow style of life. In my case, i have miss the typicals dishes of my hometown.

So, often i’m committing myself on cooking for me, She and my flatemates some nice meals. Parmigiana, gnocchi, pasta al forno and polpette.

Today we had in mind to prepare a nice vegetarian parmigiana (fried aubergines with mozzarella and tomato souces cooked in the oven). So me and my friend Paolo went to Tesco. We were wandering around the huge market looking for the ingredientes when something appeared in front of us. Some purple sprouting broccoli. This veggie looks really similar to a typical plant we have in the south of Italy: cime di rapa, turnip tops.

We thought straight away we could made our typical dish “orecchiette con le cime di rapa”. And so we did even if it was a bit different.


400 gr of purple sprouting broccoli and 400 gr of curly kale. Those are both bitter as turnip tops.

4 anchovies

3 cloves of garlic

2 chiles

500 gr of orecchiete (a kind of pasta)

Basically it’s really easy to cook this meal. Once all the veggies are clean lets put few oil (extravirgin) in a big pan and lets fry in it garlic, chilies and anchovies. After one minute lets put purple sprouting broccoli and curly kale and add some water, almoust a finger and salt. In short, lets stewed it. Then cover the pan and rimeber to stir it sometime. Check it and add some more water if it’s not wet enought. After almoust an half hour should be ready. In the meantime lets cook the orecchiete.

After all lets mix everything together and serve it with some olive oil on the top.

This is a really easy recipe, typical of Bari and Apulia.

Today I felt like in my granma hause!